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Thursday, June 13, 2013

C Words



When I woke this morning I
Found my throat was harshly dry
So downed a cab of water easily,
Being an ancient Hebrew sort
Of unit measuring two quarts
Or 2.2 liters respectively.

Then realizing I was late
I left my toast still on my plate
And ran onto the street to catch a cab,
But alas to my dismay
I just then missed a cabriolet
Which made me feel more than a tad quite sad!

So running to the railway station
To make it to my occupation
I tried to catch a ride but all they had
Was a small seat inside the cab
Where sits the engineer who had
A smell exuding from him that was bad!

So in the end I paid the fee
To ride a cab or a taxi
But boy the cab driver got me so mad!
He talked my ear down to the floor
And charged me more for it I'm sure
So when at work I poured myself a cab...

That is a glass of Cabernet
Sauvignon to make my day
Go a little better than it had!


A plot or group of plotters who
In secret seek to rule
Bent on influence that can't be quelled

A faction set to dominate,
Who in secret manipulate
Is a covert group called a cabal...

Another word Cabala
Is the mother of the other
And is itself concerned with secrecy

Being an obscure view
Of the Scriptures in Hebrew
And revealing mystical philosophy


Before today I did not know
The meaning of caballero
Which is a knight or gentlemanly man

One who also rides a horse,
A useful thing to know of course,
If visiting a Spanish speaking land.
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Sometimes I hear my stomach growl
Telling me to feed it now
Demanding me with a relentless force

Until I find somewhere to dine
On something large and caballine
For I'm so hungry I could eat a horse!

Cable release

Once I took a grand photo
Of myself with my big toe
Using of course a cable release

A kind of wiry contraption
That from a distance will action
Your camera when you take your masterpiece.


Once aboard a sailing ship
I had a hankering for chips
Followed by a bowl of chocolate mousse

And where pray tell would all this yum
Food come from to fill my tum?
From the kitchen, galley or caboose!


When a country has the right
Of transport over land or flight
Or sea within a certain territory

They have the cabotage you see
To move about therein freely
Because it is their rightful territory!


Last night to my stark dismay
I dreamt that I could do ballet
And in a tutu leapt into mid air
Thrusting one leg out a bit
I struck the other against it
In a cabriole flying through the air

And that's when things got really strange
My body became rearranged
Until I was an 18th Century seat
With legs that curved out at the top
Then inwards the lower they got
To end with cabriole like wooden feet!

And as I sat there on the ground
Hoping no one was around
To sit on me so they could read the paper
I recalled when I was told
About the French word cabriole
And how it means literally to caper.


The day before the other day
I met a horse who shouted, “Nay!
I shall not pull for you that cabriolet!”
He said, “Good Sir, I’m now on strike
Pull your own cart if you like!
Out of my way I’m off to eat some hay!”

Alas I could not figure out
What all his fussing was about
After all it’s just a cabriolet!
With two seats for two to sit
And only two wheels on it
And a hood, just how much could it weigh?

So being a fair and decent sort
I decided then I ought
To take the horse's place just for a bit
And so as a pedestrian
I acted quite equestrian
Which wasn't bad until the horse hopped in it!

“Take me to the race track Sir!”
Said the horse sounding hauteur
To which I said, “Who do you think you are?”
But then I saw to save the day
Another sort of cabriolet
A two seated convertible coupe car

“Hooray” said I, the horse said, “Neigh”
“Let’s ditch this cart from yesterday
And trot off to the races you and me!”
And so although we barely fit
We both drove chomping at the bit
Harnessed in our seat belts happily.


In case a law is ever made
Against the tasty candy trade
I have a very special secret place
Where I've stashed candy galore
And all the treats I like to gnaw
Within my own well hidden candy cache

My cache is so secure that
Neither mouse or hungry cat
Could ever think to find my hidden snacks
And even if they did they would
Meet an end that wasn't good
My cache is guarded well with booby traps

This cache of mine you'll never find
From now until the end of time
You'll never guess just where my stash is stashed
So when sugar has been outlawed
I'll fast become a Candy Lord
And sell it secretly for lots of cash!


My door bell rang one day and I
Opened my door to see outside
A post person who was in fact a mouse
Standing there looking at me
Holding what was plain to see
An envelope addressed to my own house

He handed the strange mail to me
Upon which I could clearly see
It had on it a rather flash cachet
By that I mean it had a stamp
An emblem that portrayed an ant
Standing on a fish doing ballet!

The cachet did commemorate
That today was the very date
That I would meet the king of tiny things
For in the envelope I read
The letter there that simply said
"Your presence is requested by the King"

I asked the post mouse, "Do you know
Why on earth I have to go?"
He said it was because of my cachet
I could not quite believe this
He meant I was prestigious
The other meaning of the word cachet!

"But this is some kind of mistake!"
I said, "I'm not really that great!"
To which the mouse just sighed and said to me
"If you were just two inches tall
And met a human in the hall
You'd think him great as great as great could be!"

And then I found a capsule
Inside the envelope so small
Medicine encased in a cachet
The kind of cachet that contains
Powder that tastes yuck or strange
To help one take it easily they say

So I swallowed it quickly
And shrunk as small as small could be
And went to see the king of tiny things
I knelt before his tiny throne
Inside his tiny kingly home
Hoping this was how to greet a king

Although I really have to say
This tiny king lacked the cachet
That I would expect from royalty
For looking closely all I saw
Upon the throne was nothing more
Than a rather ugly looking flea!


My little friend Cadwallader
Liked to find a colander
When he was preparing for a war,
Which was rather appropriate
For his actions seemed to fit
What in Whales his name was used for...

"Battle arranger" it did mean
And rather than for beans and things
He planned to wear the strainer on his head
That way when a cruel warlord
Hit him with his sharpened sword
Cad would be the opposite if dead..


If I were to say of you
Something that was quite untrue
With the intent to hurt your reputation,

Not only would it be slander
To speak lies of your character
But calumny would fit the situation.


Whilst I walked the dessert sands
In a dry waterless land
I saw I sight I did not understand,
For with me was an entourage
Which of course was a mirage
The likes of which not seen by any man!

For as I walked alone out doors
With me there upon all fours
Were a bunch peculiar mammals
Who up close appeared to me
Cameline though not really
But men who did pretend that they were camels!

If when walking by the sea
cancrine thing came up to me
I think I'd be disturbed more than a tad,

Especially if it made a stab
At me with the claws it had
For I'm not that keen on things like crabs!


Today I was surprised to find
The adjective capreoline
Was not about an actor with big bucks!

So sorry to Leonado
The one so named Dicapreo
The word instead refers to the roebucks!


If I had the tendency
To change my mood quite frequently
One minute nice and then the next I’m vicious,

And just like that I’m nice again
If I’m like that my friend well then
You might well say of me I am capricious.


I know a captious sort of man
Who looks for fault in all he can,
All he seems to do is criticize!

Pedantic in his nit-picking
He'll quibble over everything
For naught he sees is perfect through his eyes.


Depending upon where you are
There are three things that are named "car"
One of these of course you all should know;
A vehicle built for the road,
Wheeled so to pull its load,
Powered by an engine so it goes!

The second thing that has the same
Simple designated name
Is the car built for the railway,
Also called a carriage too
Or coach as well to name a few
To sit in as you go along that way...

Finally there is the room 
Inside a lift or a balloon
Another thing that's also called a car...
Mind you all three, it's plain to see,
Will help get you from a to b
Whether you are heading nigh or far!


Excuse me while I have a whinge
Over how I lost my fringe
When I went to see my hair dresser
If you’ll let me I’ll go on and on
I’ll even lament it in song
So all the world can hear what I think of her!

“She butchered it!” I will complain
“My head will never be the same!”
Are the sorts of things you’ll hear me harp!
I will rumble out my groans
I will grumble out my moans
To demonstrate just what it means to carp!


Really I had to look twice
When I met young Mrs Rice
Who had a face that was preposterous!

For there a big ceratorhine
Nose greeted these eyes of mine
One that should be on a rhinoceros!


A plover, snipe and woodcock spent
An evening in a pub I went
To where I saw them all three sipping wine,
Which was kind of strange to me
Something not ordinary
They weren't exactly acting charadrine!

They sat there speaking normally,
In English too apparently,
About the day they'd had and about how
A scientist of the mad kind
Had done a thing to all their minds
Thus leading them to where they were right now.

And so myself not that inclined
To have a drink with charadrine
Birds I left feeling a bit disturbed
Whoever heard of such a thing?
Birds not singing but speaking
Seem to me more than a bit absurd!


There was a king called Charlemagne
Charles the first also his name
king of the Franks in seven sixty eight
later the king of Italy
remembered throughout history
by the designation Charles the Great!

Since in the West Rome’s Empire fell
the books about those days do tell
he was the first in three whole centuries
to bear the title “Emperor”,
the Holy Roman Emperor,
crowned so by Pope Leo number three.

Since the Roman Empire
he was the first king to acquire
most of Western Europe in his grasp
of which he ruled for 13 years
until he left earth’s mortal sphere
in eight one four when he breathed his last.
who was Charlemagne? 
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I met a man called Charles who
Did just what he wanted to
He was the master of his fate you see,

All because his German name
Of historic royal fame
Had the meaning "a man who is free."


Once when I went for a walk
Down by the sea I found some chalk
Amidst the ruins of an old sea port,

Reminding me the name "Chelsea"
Was a landing by the sea
A place where you would find shipments of chalk!


There was a man called Christopher
Who quick became a minister
To live a life exemplifying his name,

To be a bearer of the Christ
And did so well despite the price
Helping the poor, the homeless and the lame!


I went out for my dinner once
Where I felt like such a dunce
When I realized I had no fork

But it was no catastrophe
For I'm ciconine you see
And used me nose as though I were a stork.


When I do a written test
Even though I try my best
Most of my answers I will expunge
I'm afraid it's certainly
Said and also true of me
I have the brain of a primitive sponge

In fact I am not even sure
If one plus three is even four
Or how to find the square root out for nine
As said above the quality
Of my mental acuity
Is best described no less than being clathrine!


There is a man in heaven now
Whose name did mean "A dove"
And in his memory heads will bow
With thoughts of honor and of love.


You'll find this rhyme is short and sweet
To the point, compact and brief
Purposefully written with precision

Written thus to demonstrate
A model so to resonate
The definition of the word Concision


If you’ve ever felt the essence
Of a raging concupiscence
Then you’d know the feeling of desire,

Especially one that’s fashioned
In the flames of sexual passion
Overwhelming with its ardent fire.


Once I saw a certain thing
A place where lots of different streams
Met and flowed together at a point

Confluence would be the word
That best describes the streams converged
When many separate things become conjoint.w

If you resemble a canine,
Pronounced as “K” followed by “9”,
You therefore look like the creature that barks,
It’s the adjective for dog you see
Or things with dog like qualities
Like fur, sharp teeth and other dog like marks.

And of the carnivores that chew
The word refers in that case to
The pointy teeth that are found in between
Premolars and incisors
That help with appetizers
And help to make vampires and such look mean!

Contra- (Prefix)

The thought of being against something
Or in opposition
Can be infused into a word
With CONTRA in position.

Counter- (Prefix)

If you aim to change a word
So "contrary" it implies
 then will do the trick
Is in counterclockwise.

Or perhaps your after

Something that means opposing?
As in "counteroffensive"
's worth imposing.

Or maybe the idea you want
Is "complimentary"?
again will play the part
As in "counterpart", you see?

"Duplicate" or "Substitute"
Can be, without much toil,
Infused by adding
As in "Counterfoil".


Michael is a friend of mine
Even though he's coralline
And lives down at the bottom of the sea
We've found it hard to stay in touch
So don't talk to each other much
Or ever sit together to eat tea...

We seldom share a joke or two
Or even hug like some friends do
Or message one another when online,
Neither do we ever quarrel
That's because he's made of coral
And trying to would be a big waste of time!


Once I went down to the beach
And found a thing that made me screech
A creature there that gave me such a start,

Because of it's weird shape and form
The squishy thing was cordiform
By that I mean it was shaped like a heart!


Another thing to call a corpse
Is of course a corse
That is of course if you lived in the days,

When instead of “corpse” was said,
Corse” was what they called the dead
As in the days when Shakespeare wrote his plays.


I have a clock that tells the time
Through a certain cuculine
Creature on the hour right on cue,

It pops out suddenly on springs
And lets me know each time he sings
The only song he knows that goes "cuckoo"!

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